Subtomix -   Type-S Colors Explained

Select Color in 1 of 3 Ways

You don't pay extra for any of these choices.

1. Basic Solid Color Selection
The easiest way to order. When an exact color match doesn't matter to you - just pick a color. Perfect for colors like black and white, or if you just want a 'dark-red' enclosure. Because we can make your Subtom™ enclosure almost any color of the rainbow, just tell us what you want. See our Subtomix Store to preview samples of basic solid colors and hardware finish combinations.

2. Closest Solid Color Match
Send us a sample of touch-up paint from your car for us to match. (Paint a 1/2"-1" area on a piece of paper with a few coats)
Send us a sample of something you want matched.
Give us a PMS or CMYK number (more info below).

Please note that we print and match colors with inks (not automotive paint), therefore totally exact car color matches, and metallic or glitter finishes are not always possible.

3. Design Your Own Artwork
We can help with simple artwork design or
contact us for Adobe Illustrator templates.
Submitted files must meet our design specs.

Type-S Color Explained

We manufacture your Type-S enclosure using top-of -the-line large-format HP ink jet printers. Your custom-printed artwork (or solid color) and clear Lexan covering are then wrapped around the shell before the hardware is installed.

When ordering a specific color, please supply a PMS number or a CMYK number.

PMS = A printing industry standard for identifying color shades.
Sample: PMS300 (Blue)
(we cannot match metallic or florescent PMS numbers)

Many local quick print shops carry swatches that can be rented or borrowed for little or no cost (use coated style). We can also identify the closest PMS color of anything you send us.*

CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black
Sample: 0C/100M/100Y/0K (Red)

Printing method used to produce almost every color magazine and publication in the world. Captures a wide range of color, but can't accurately reproduce certain shades.

*We cannot guarantee that submitted colors can be matched perfectly, especially certain metallic shades. Items sent to be color matched cannot be returned. We cannot print logos of other companies without written permission.

Subtoms enclosures cannot be returned due to incorrectly defined colors or sizes.