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Ordering Questions

What is the easiest way to order a Subtom enclosure?
The new Subtom™ Type-R enclosures are the quickest way to go. Simply choose one of ten colors, one of four enclosure sizes, and specify your subwoofer size. It's that easy.

How long will it take to get my enclosure?
On average, customers have received their enclosures within 2-3 weeks after ordering (includes shipping time). Customers will be notified if the time will exceed more than 3 weeks.

How much does shipping cost?
We ship via UPS Ground for all enclosures. Shipping costs are calculated after you enter your information on the first page of the order form (you can review before actually ordering). Prices range from around $10 to $25 with the average being about $15, depending on where you live and the size of the enclosure. Subtom™ B.3 and B.4 enclosures are considered oversized according to UPS, and therefore are billed at a heavier weight than the actual weight (order form reflects billed weight).

How do I order by mail without using a credit card?
We accept checks and money orders by mail. Simply go to the Subtomix Store, do a search for the color combo you want, fill out the online order form and then print the page (instead of clicking on the submit button). Mail your printout with payment to Subtomix Orders, P.O. Box 1764, Glendale, AZ 85311. We wait for checks to clear before completing your order.

How do I order an enclosure with custom artwork?
Please contact us for more information on ordering Type-S enclosures. We can help with simple artwork requests or accept your digital files, as long as they meet our File Specs.

How do I show you what color I want matched for the FREE color matching?
Mail us a sample of anything that is a solid color to match. For example, an extra piece of vinyl from your custom car graphics or 2-3 coats of your car's touch-up paint on a piece of paper. Please note that there are limitations to how close we can match your color. Please see More About Color for detailed information.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem with my order?
We handle all customer support promptly through e-mail or regular mail. Please see our Contact/Customer Support page for more information.

Questions Before Purchase

What is the difference between the Type-R and the Type-S?
The Type-R shell is covered in durable leather-like upholstery that has more of a matte finish and the Type-S is wrapped with a large-format color banner printout and then covered with a shiny clear polycarbonate sheet. Just about everything else is the same between the two types.

Which enclosure size do I need?
Every subwoofer has a recommended internal volume for its enclosure - for optimal sound, you should try to stay as close as possible to your sub's requirements. You can usually get this info from the sub manufacturer's website or in the product manual. Generally, larger sub enclosures sound a little deeper, smaller ones can sound a bit "tighter". If available trunk space is a problem, then sometimes sound has to be sacrificed a little by going with a smaller-than-recommended internal volume (as long as the depth of the sub fits in the enclosure). Many manufacturers are now offering shallow-depth subs that work well in our smaller enclosures.

Will your enclosures fit in my truck?
Our enclosures were designed with cars in mind, but may fit in some truck set-ups. Check out how Project ColoRadical fit 4 enclosures into a Chevrolet Colorado extended-cab. The only way to know is to measure the available space you have and see our Sizes page for approximate enclosure sizes. Please be aware that you need a clear area with a rigid horizontal surface to mount the enclosure to. Enclosures should not be mounted in the truck bed, unless it is covered and protected from the elements. For more information, please download the Instruction Manual (192k PDF)

Will my odd-shaped subs fit in your enclosures?
Our enclosures have cutouts that are sized to fit the average standard subwoofer. If your special subwoofer was designed to fit in a standard box enclosure, it will most likely fit in ours.

Can I mount a subwoofer on each end of one enclosure?
We do not recommend mounting two subwoofers in one enclosure for two reasons. First, the wire terminals for the enclosure are located on the opposite end plate. Without the plate, there is no way for your wires to enter the enclosure. The second reason is if your subwoofers are not wired correctly, the sound could be seriously degraded and your speakers or enclosure could be damaged.

Can you match my car's silver paint?
We manufacture our Type-S enclosures using top-of-the-line large-format ink jet prints. Because we use ink and not paint, we cannot match certain shades, glitter or metallic colors perfectly. For example, silver would be matched as the closest shade of gray. Please see More About Color for detailed information.

Can I get one with a logo on it?
We can put a logo on your enclosure, as long as it supplied digitally according to our File Specs, and you own the rights to the logo. For legal reasons, we cannot use other companies logos without written permission (manufacturer logos, for example).

Where can I find an installer and buy subwoofers?
Please see our Installer/Retailer Database for a list of registered install shops and car audio stores. There are also many reputable companies online that sell car audio equipment, such as

Can these enclosures be used in places other than in a vehicle?
Absolutely. In addition to automotive use, our enclosures can be used for home, studio and stage. It all depends on the speaker you put in the enclosure, and whether or not it is matched to your electronic equipment. Remember, most automotive subwoofers are 4 ohms and most home stereos use 8 ohm speakers. Also, all subwoofers need to be used with a correctly adjusted crossover.

I don't know anything about this stuff, what is the easiest way to get started?
There are many online car audio education resources on the internet. For starters, we recommend checking out the MTX Car Audio Education and the Polk Audio University pages.